Monday, September 23, 2013



My name is Jackie, and thank you for checking out my Level 5 Vegan Looking for Love Blog. Here’s the scoop: I recently found myself living back in my old home town and back on the dating scene. Like any modern gal, I turn to the Internet to help me weed out the weirdos and to help match me up with men who share my interests. According to Chemistry I am naturally easy to get along with, engaging, insightful, and caring, with deep and meaningful conversations. On, I’m looking for someone to laugh with, someone who is trusting and trustworthy, as well as being someone who will fight for me but who will also tell me when I am being irrational :)

Here’s the catch: I’ve been vegetarian for 20 years and vegan for four, so this is a huge part of my life and lifestyle. My friends that love me and know me say kindly that I’m a Level 5 Vegan (borrowed from The Simpsons - “won’t eat anything that casts a shadow.”) While I’m not necessarily looking for only a vegan to get serious with (and I know there are dating sites for just that - but I’ve noted that the men on there seem to have “alternative” ideas about monogamy and nudity…!) it’s obviously not going to work out with someone who is an avid hunter or fisherman. As I’m sure you are all familiar with, there are always a couple of dealbreakers in a relationship, and there are always a few “I am not budging on my stance” topics. Veganism, and all that goes with it (the consciousness of health and environment for example) is mine.

But when life attempts to fix me up with a lemon, I hop on the computer and write an amusing entry for your enjoyment and my therapy. If you can’t laugh about it, we’re all doomed, am I right?

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