Thursday, November 7, 2013

Shark in the Ocean & Bats in the Sky (2nd installment)

Shark in the Ocean & Bats in the Sky (2nd installment)
August 2013; Vegan Negative Level 2.5 (Going down!)

Conversations to get to the second date:

Shark calls and sends text messages, and I continue to flirt. “I can't wait to see you again” Shark tells me. “Ask me out for a second date, make time.” It’s not really that difficult, you like a girl, and you really want to see her again. You make time for her, that simple. Shark called me up over the weekend and wants to get together. I say “I can be ready by 3pm.” “Well, I've got plans to hang out with my friends at that time.” is his response. For me, really it’s not that big of a deal. Either you want to see me again and you make time, or you don’t. Simple, but the “I've got 3 hours to kill between the rest of my social life”. I’m worth more than that…

Shark and I continue to send text messages throughout a week time frame. (Here is where my social consciousness comes into play. I’m on Credo Mobile, a great cell network that allows me to vote on how they donate funds. Not so great when it comes to their cell plans. A girl only has “x” amount of text messages and “x” of mobile day minutes. It’s never been a problem before, but guys just like to send a smiley face 6 times a day and there are 7 days a week-quickly uses up your text messages.) I gently let him know that I have 1000 text messages to get me through the month and the 6 smiley faces need to not be so frequent. That turns into a can of worms that was way too soon to get into. So, he starts to send me e-mails. In these e-mails Shark asks me “What do people call you?” I answer “Jackie or Jacqueline” not thinking anything of it. He says “I'm going to call you Veggie.” This is a label that you give a friend, not someone that you want to date.

He tells me “I think your lifestyle is way too expensive for where you are in your life.” (That’s my choice; I'm not looking for someone to pay my bills. I’m looking for someone to share my life with.) He tells me "You need to be on Facebook, so that way you can get messages for free from your friends." (I don't need to be on Facebook for anything except for The Compassionate Vegan. My friends know how to get a hold of me. I'm good on that part.)
A girl does like to collect horrible dating stories to share with her friends (and readers). So, I continue to chat for a few more conversations and we even get to Coffee Date #2.

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